Design+Main along with Control4 have the products to enable control of virtually anything in your home, tied to a system that makes living and interacting with them easy for the whole family.

Powered by Control 4 Home Automation can do it all:

Multi-Room Audio
Distribute video through the house so you can enjoy 4KHD content in any room. Pause a show and pick it up where you left off in another room. Presets and favorites for each user so no more searching for your shows! Single source for your media library but access for all and all nicely tucked away.

Home Theatre
Design an awesome home cinema that rivals any theatre with high resolution audio, high definition video, surround sound and huge TV!! Watch from multiple sources or stream from your favorite provider. And all your equipment is out of site, neatly tucked away in a closet and controlled by a single remote.

Multi-Room Audio
Fill you entire home with music or just one room from your favorite play list or stream from your favorite station. iTunes, TuneIn, Spotify, TIDAL and Deezer are just a few as there are over 40 services available. Access your music from your phone, touchscreen, watch or even TV!

Smart Lighting
Smart lighting is one of the biggest opportunities for you to subtly, but effectively, influence the ambiance of your home and complement the aesthetics of its decor. Turn on a single room, or multiple rooms with a single button. Set the mood for dinner, or movie night. Save energy as all lights turn off automatically when no one home. Sensors will turn on hallways and bathrooms lights at night but only at 30% so easy on the eyes but safe.

Climate Control
Automatically maintain consistent temperatures and humidity when you are home and save energy when away. Automatically close or open blinds to adjust to the sun and heat. Turn on fans and adjust speeds. Save personal comfort setting by a touch of a button on your phone or Touchscreen.

Home Security
Be safe and secure with Control 4 security feature. Check in from anywhere to see every door is locked, window is secured, garage door is closed and alarm is armed. View video feeds from external cameras. Receive text alerts for when the kids get home or water is leaking. Unlock doors for service workers or deliveries and re-lock as soon as they leave. When alarm sounds turn on all inside lights, raise the blinds and flash outside lights so neighbors and police can react swiftly. Even turn on the sound of an angry dog barking. Finally randomize your lights, tv and music to make it appear you are home when you are not

Who’s at the front door? Is baby asleep yet? Announce dinner is ready throughout the house. It’s simple and convenient with Control4 video intercoms. Add Door Stations and cameras to see outside.

Touchscreens in each room can give full audio and high definition video throughout the house.

Universal Remote
Our Universal Remote ties everything into one unit. You can control all your audio, video, blinds, and lighting in one handheld remote. Of course you can use a Control4 Touch Screen or even your phone or tablet. Convenience at its best.

Voice Control
Use Alexa to turn on your favorite TV show, or turn on that playlist and adjust lights for dinner. When going to bed say good night to Alexa and she will turn everything off and secure the home.

Hands full? Ask Alexa to do it: “Alexa turn on kitchen lights”. The ideas are endless!

Your Home always in your hands. No matter where you are always have complete control of your home inside and out. Change temperature, turn on security systems, lock doors, turn of lights and TV’s. All with just a few touches on your mobile

Smart Home Scenes

Welcome Home
The house lighting, blinds and temperature are set for when you arrive. Even have your favorite music playing in the background

Movie Night
Set the mood with lights dimming, Cinematic surround sound and 4K high definition display

Outdoor living
Music and lighting for your pool and patio

Meal Time
With a simple voice command bring up the lights, turn on the TV to prepare your meals. When you are ready to eat another command sets the light to eat and turns off the TV

One button turns off lights, TV’s and music and sets the alarm. Will even remember to shut the garage door.

Why Control 4

Control4 is a proven leader in Home Automation and are the largest in the world. They are the pioneer of home automation and set high standards for their dealers. Dealers go through rigorous training to attain certification all to ensure your Home Automation experience is delivered as expected.

New construction or renovations for home, businesses and hotels are our specialties and Control4 has the design skills and products to provide total solutions.

Control4 work with over 9100 electronic products and systems to make sure you have a choice to bring into your home. Control4 works with an “open” platform meaning any manufacturer have access to their technology allowing you more choices today and in the future.

Mar 26, 2019: Control4 Dominates CE Pro Quest for Quality Awards for Second Consecutive Year

Feb 4, 2019: Control4 Reports Record Revenue and Net Income for Fiscal Year 2018

No Limits!!

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