Enhance & Protect Your Outdoor Living Space

Turn your patio into a room with our motorized retractable screens from Progressive Screens! The MagnaTrack system is the perfect solution for patios, windows, cabanas and much more.

The side track design eliminates almost 98% of any common issues associated with other motorized screens and is guaranteed to outperform any other system available! The magnetic side tracks, provides smooth, consistent deployment of the screen and constant tension on the screen after deployment, keeping the screen taught and secure. All motorized screens are manufactured here in British Columbia.

The MagnaTrack System

The MagnaTrack system can be used in new construction as a recessed system, retro-fit into existing residential locations and in commercial applications such as restaurants, hotels and hospitality venues.

The MagnaTrack enhances the performance of our motorized screen system for both commercial and residential applications. Along with the Keder interlock, it makes the system fail proof. The MagnaTrack difference is the ability of the tracks to adjust during deployment of the screen system.

The MagnaTrack self-tensioning system and design utilizes a dual magnetic pull from Neodymium magnets interlocked into the track housing as well as the adjustable track insert.

Why Choose MagnaTrack?

Every shipment is inspected at each step of production. Final QC inspections for each order ensure that only the finest quality products make their way to our customers.

Every component of your MagnaTrack motorized screen system is designed to enhance the system’s performance and is built to withstand the most rigorous conditions, thus providing a top-quality product at excellent value.


  • Extruded aluminum housing, tracks, and weight bar for durability.
  • Stainless steel fasteners means no rust.
  • Solar screens reduce UV rays and keep cooling and heating costs to a minimum.
  • Super heavy weight bar for smooth operation and no hang ups when coming down.
  • Felt pile under weight bar seals better against grout lines, pavers, and uneven surfaces.
  • Vinyl coated screen materials can be easily cleaned and are more resistant to breakage.
  • Double stitched zippers at the top of the screen and Keder track connecting the hembar for strength, durability, and complete insect control.
  • Double felt system on inside of hood cover and back of hood brushes off dirt and debris, and keeps out unwanted insects and pests.
  • Powder coated aluminum ensures no chipping, peeling, or bubbling of the paint.
  • Proprietary interlock and our New MagnaTrack systems (US Patent No. 9,719,292) provide incomparable performance, and reduces almost all potential service issues inherent to other motorized screen systems.
  • Units plug directly into a 110 volt outlet, meaning no hard wiring or electricians required.
  • Stylish and modern accessories to accommodate every type of install.
  • Manufactured up to 30 feet wide and 24 feet tall (Certain restrictions apply).
  • Interfaces (dry contact and RTS) allow motorization via home automation systems with the touch of a button.
  • Somfy My Link or Gaposa Roll Up App are available for those who want the freedom to control MagnaTrack screens from their mobile device.

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